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5 must-have features in a new car! (kereta sewa kelantan)

kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

If you’re thinking about looking for a new car, here we recommend the top 5 must-have features in your new car. For the year 2020 and above, it is not worth it if the car purchased lacks these features.

These features are not exclusive to luxury and high performance cars only. These features do exist in marhaen cars like ours. As consumers, we should demand products that are worth the price paid.

Additionally, some of these fittings are available in the aftermarket. You can install it if you feel it is appropriate for your old car to have this feature. We are only suggesting.

So, here are 5 must-have features in a new car:

Rear view camera

Maybe you think you are enough with just the rear and front sensors. Don’t be, you deserve more than just a sensor. You should use the rear view camera.

The function of the rear view camera is not only to make it easier for you to park your vehicle. The rear view camera also aims to prevent your car from minor dents due to hitting a wall or being hit by another car.

Also, for those with small children or pets such as cats or dogs, a rear view camera may be a lifesaver when needed. Not to mention if you have a large home page.

It should be noted, if someone else has to drive your car, not all drivers are as highly skilled as you. A rear view camera certainly helps to preserve the car you love.

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

Since the existence of the Bluetooth tethering function with the infotainment system, in-car entertainment has turned out to be more fun. As usual, by 2020 you deserve more than just Bluetooth tethering.

The Apple CarPlay / Android Auto function makes it easy for you to scroll the screen of your car’s infotainment system without having to look at your phone screen. Not to mention when you rely on Google Maps or Waze navigation system.

That’s why among our steam cut aspects is the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.

Blind Spot Monitor

The traffic landscape in Malaysia is very busy. Therefore, Blind Spot Monitor is very important to avoid accidents. This function makes you more aware of fast cars or motorcycles around you.

Prevention is indeed better than cure. It’s not just violations that will affect you, shifts can also happen without a Blind Spot Monitor.


Dashcam is one of the features that should come standard for all cars.

The reason is simple, a dashcam helps to record collisions between your vehicle and other vehicles. This recording helps in insurance claims. No more abusive sessions between you and other drivers.

In our opinion, the built-in dashcam function in luxury cars such as the Proton Saga or Perodua Myvi is definitely the dream of Malaysians. So far, the list of cars with dashcam features is as follows.

Automatic emergency brake

Automatic emergency brake or AEB is a brake that is activated automatically. It is function when a sensor or camera detects an obstacle in front.

This function was initially only available on luxury cars, now it is present on luxury cars. Honda Sensing and Perodua ASA are safety suites that come with this function.

This automatic emergency brake is more of a precaution than a guarantee to avoid an accident. As always prevention is better than cure.

Many see a car as a tool to move from point A to point B. However, as a smart wapcar reader, you surely know better that a car is an important tool to facilitate your daily tasks.

Don’t fall for the naysayers who hold you back who say you only deserve so many cars. Allah buy win wear. The person giving advice is not necessarily more satisfied with life than you.

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