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The right way, the tree is healthy.(kereta sewa kota bharu)

Every day you see the beautiful scenery of the plants in the yard, of course it makes the home feel refreshing with the natural scenery of green leaves and colorful flowers will make the feeling and mood fresh. In order for the plants planted in the yard to grow well, we need to provide adequate care for the plants.

As an example of lighting problems, there are certain plants that need more sunlight than other plants. Although some other types of plants only need a little sunlight. Therefore, the method of planting is important so that plants can grow well. There are several methods of care to protect plants in the yard that are easy to try.

Regular Watering.

Every plant needs air as needed for its growth. We need to watering plant routinely and regularly. We also need to supply sunlight for plants that grow in open spaces. Every morning and evening we should watering the plant.

By providing sufficient open space, it will provide additional air for the evaporation process to occur. You do not need to water it everyday.

. You just need to spray all parts of the leaf surface to look fresher. If you water every day, flowers or ornamental plants will automatically over-water because there is little air vapor.

VARIATION of plants


Not all types of plants can grow well in places with little sunlight. Certain plants need enough sunlight to be able to carry out maximum photosynthesis. Therefore, the level of sunlight illumination is very important for plants like this.

Plant Fertilization

The fertilization process is an important part of how to care for plants and one of the important roles in helping soil fertility. That way, ornamental plants and flowers can grow well by always fertilizing regularly and regularly. A wonderful way to treat plants is to add fertilizer.

Fertilizer selection is also a factor that you must pay attention to. Choose natural fertilizers such as compost which is essential during plant growth. Therefore, do not forget to add natural fertilizers to the soil. However, you can also provide chemical fertilizers or artificial fertilizers if needed.

For this type of artificial fertilizer, you must pay attention to the correct fertilizer composition, because each plant has different fertilizer requirements.


Temperature and humidity will greatly affect the growth and development of other types of flowers for certain types of ornamental plants. Some types of plants are resistant to summer and some are not resistant to summer. For this reason, each type of plant must be given special attention according to the characteristics of each plant. Characteristics of plants that have problems with humidity are the presence of brown spots on the leaves. If you see brown spots on the leaves, the plant needs a more humid place. Therefore, immediately move the plant to a more humid place.

Pot Hole Inspection

The pot’s circulation hole was a factor that was very often used at that time. The circulation hole at the bottom of the pot serves as a place to remove air if the watering level is excessive. If the circulation hole is blocked or too small it will affect the flowering plant.

Too much air content and not properly removed will settle at the bottom of the pot. If this happens, it will cause the plant to rot and eventually die. Replacement of suitable soil should be done by replacing new soil that is fertile enough and using sufficient fertilizer.

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