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List of interesting places in Tumpat Kelantan / kereta sewa murah kelantan

Although the state of Kelantan is known for the majority of its population being Muslim, there is religious tolerance with the presence of monuments of houses of worship of other religions.

Do you want to learn the arts and culture of the Kelantan state? Tumpat is the right destination! Here are 15 interesting places in Tumpat Kelantan for you to visit.

Sri Tujuh Beach / kereta sewa murah kelantan

Having a beautiful and wide beach is what Sri Tujuh Beach has. Want to know why this tourist spot in Kelantan is named 7 instead of 6, 5 or 4?

This is due to the phenomenon of 7 bays formed only on this beach! Isn’t it unique? Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to witness the international Wau Competition here.

Floating resort in Tumpat / kereta sewa murah kelantan

Have you ever stopped at Sri Tujuh Beach and want to find a place to stay near the beach?

Chalet Pantai Sri Tujuh offers 40 rooms for as low as RM 100 a night with views of the lake and sea.

Besides being near the beach, it is also close to Sultan Ismail Petra Airport and the Wau Museum.

The types of rooms offered are ‘chalet’, ‘king room’, ‘luxury king room’, ‘family superior twin room’ and ‘queen suite’.

Istana Bukit Tanah

The only palace in Tumpat makes it unique to visit. For your information, this tourist spot in Kelantan was built during the Japanese occupation of Malaya.

At that time, Kelantan was under the rule of Sultan Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad 4th. Who would have thought that this historic palace is still magnificent despite being chewed up by age.

Makam Tok Janggut

If in Pasir Puteh there is a Tok Janggut Monument, in Tumpat there is a Tomb of Tok Janggut that you can visit.

The average person knows the struggle of Tok Janggut as the foremost warrior against the British colonists in Kelantan in 1909.

This tomb is open every day for all visitors without any charge.

Wat Phikulthong

Besides Wat Phikulthong, Wat Phothivian has a reclining Buddha statue that is not only the largest in Malaysia but also the 3rd in the world!

Its construction took 6 years starting from 1973. This statue is approximately 40 m long and 10 m high.

Furthermore, news about this temple was once published in travel brochures abroad, you know!

Pantai Geting

If Pantai Sri Tujuh is the location of the International Wau Festival, Genting Beach is the location of the National Wau Festival.

For those of you who want to see the types of kites being competed for, you can visit here according to the announced competition dates.

The location of the beach next to Sri Tujuh Beach makes it easy to find this tourist spot in Kelantan.

Wat Machimmaram

Another Buddhist statue in Kelantan that you can visit is Wat Machimmaram. It houses the 2nd largest seated Buddha statue in Southeast Asia.

This statue measures 30 m high and 47 m wide. Big isn’t it? In addition, this temple is lively with the visit of Buddhists on Wesak Day.

Masjid Kampung Laut

For Muslims, you can stop by to pray at the Kampung Laut Mosque, which is known as the oldest mosque in Malaysia.

Then, after praying you can see the beauty of the historic mosque built in the 18th century.

For your information, this mosque was built without any nails. Isn’t it unique? Even without any nails, it still stands intact despite being chewed up by age!

Muzium Wau

The traditional game of kites is indeed the distinctive identity of the state of Kelantan. So the Wau Museum was built to preserve this heritage so that it would not be swallowed up by time for future generations.

This museum exhibits various types of kites not only in Kelantan but in states throughout Malaysia. Plus, you also have the chance to learn how to make kites too! Interesting activity isn’t it?

Wayang Pak Dain

In addition to wau, wayang kulit is also famous in this state of Mecca. Want to see a puppet show live? Let’s visit Wayang Pak Dain.

Pak Dain is the only Tok Dalang who can play as many as 40 puppet characters. Wow! Great isn’t it?

He has also created Star Wars puppets that have been featured in 3 countries namely China, France and Singapore. Not a bunch of people!

Maena Water Chalet

Want an interesting stay while doing fishing activities? Maena Water Chalet is the right choice!

This floating chalet offers stunning room views of the lake and pool. It offers 2 types of rooms namely family studio and studio.

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