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Pantai Irama Bachok. kereta sewa murah kelantan

The state of Kelantan certainly has the best beauty of the beach. Including Irama Bachok Beach in Kelantan which is the focus of visitors in the evening.

There are various facilities available on this beautiful beach such as food stalls and more.

Istana Bunian Bachok Kelantan. kereta sewa murah kelantan

Just hear the name of the Goblin Palace, you must have a sense of horror in your mind, right?

According to the owner of this palace, ‘Istana’ means big and beautiful while ‘Bunian’ means the fineness of the carving art of this building.

It was built in 1981 and is still under construction. Long isn’t it?

But look at the art design is quite subtle. Either way, the owner is also a meticulous homemaker.

Pasar Jelawat Bachok Kelantan. kereta sewa murah kelantan

If in Kota Bharu there is Siti Khadijah Supermarket, in Bachok there is Siti Aishah Supermarket.

Also known as Pasar Jelawat Bachok houses a variety of basic necessities for local residents at reasonable prices. You can also taste the traditional food of the Kelantan community at the market this morning.

Kemayang Lagoon

Kemayang Lagoon (Kemayang Beach) offers quite enchanting beach beauty.

It has an artificial breakwater made of rocks stacked up to the middle of the ocean.

So you can walk on the rocks all the way to the end to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Once you’ve reached here, don’t forget to stop for a meal at the open-air restaurant, Kemayang Lagoon Restaurant

Villa Daniala Beach Resort

Because most of the resorts in Bachok face the South China Sea, so there is a list of resorts in Bachok Kelantan provided.

Among them, Villa Daniala Beach Resort provides accommodation facing the beach and has an infinity pool.

If you look at the interior of this villa, it has a design concept as if in Bali, Indonesia.

This resort houses several types of rooms with a view of the flower garden such as ‘Meriam Wood Cabin’, ‘Hamat Junior Suite’ and Zainab Villa’.

Sudara Beach Resort

Looking for accommodation that can do sea activities? Sudara Beach Resort is close to Saji Island and Susu Dara Island (SUDARA Island).

You can choose suitable packages provided such as honeymoon, family and group packages.

This resort offers rooms according to your taste which are views of the swimming pool, flower garden and the sea.

Permai Chalet Melawi

Are you looking for a cheap chalet in Bachok Kelantan or near Pantai Melawi? Permai Chalet Melawi or Permai Beach Resort is the destination you are looking for!

Here there are facilities such as bbq, beach volleyball court, sales stall, swimming pool and atv. As for the swimming pool, it is divided into 3 levels, namely children, teenagers and adults.

Furthermore, this chalet is close to Kota Bharu and Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham

Although Bachok is known as a Muslim tourist town, there is still religious tolerance with the presence of Buddhist temples.

Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham is a famous dragon temple among Buddhists not only in Malaysia but also in the world.

Among them are European countries, Australia and Asia Pacific. You can see the beauty of the carving of a pair of dragons in front of the entrance of this temple.

Pantai Tapang Kubang Golok

Tapang Kubang Golok beach can be visited at any time but at night its beauty is more evident.

Apart from Irama Bachok Beach in Kelantan, this beach is the newest attraction in Bachok that just opened earlier this year.

Because this area is private land there is a fee charged when visitors come here.

That is RM 1 for individuals, RM 5 for cars and RM 2 for motorbikes. In addition, half-day hut rentals are also available here for as low as RM 15.

Pantai Senok

For you kdrama fanatics, you must have noticed this Pantai Senok as if where is it? It looks like Nami Island in Korea which was once the location of the movie “Winter Sonata”.

This beach is brightened up again with thousands of rhu trees which are so beautiful. If you want to feel like in Korea, you can take pictures at this popular ootd location!

D’Aur Beach Resort

D’Aur Beach Resort is just the name of the resort but it is an attractive coastal recreation spot for ootd.

To enter here you need to pay RM 5 for 1 family or 1 vehicle. Various other activities you can do here such as picnic, family day, atv and many more.

Inspirasi Kampung Aril

Ever heard of an interesting place in Bachok Kelantan called ‘Kampung Aril Inspiration’? If your answer is yes or no, this is a hidden gem in Kelantan!

It has a beautiful view decorated with decorations on the bridge with a view of hills and rice fields.

The origin of the name of this place is from 5 villagers who worked together to build this place.

While the name ‘Aril’ is in conjunction with the name of the village leader at that time, Tok Aril.

Pantai Melawi

This beautiful Melawi beach is brightened up with a bridge that can attract many visitors here.

This bridge provided provides an interesting view for you ‘ootd legs’.

In addition, this beach is quite strategic because there is a list of resorts in Bachok Kelantan and cheap chalets in Bachok Kelantan.

In addition, this beach is also a place where fishermen anchor with fresh seafood.

See map | Hours of operation: 24 hours

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