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RADIATOR is an important component for vehicles with a water cooling system. However, there are also cars that do not need a radiator like Volkswagen because they use an air cooling system.

In a water cooling system, the engine is cooled using water that passes through the radiator to be cooled before returning to the engine. The advantage is that the engine can be idled for a long time without overheating

The weakness of the air cooling system is the problem of overheating, especially if the car stops for a long time. This is because the air cooling system needs air flow to cool the engine.

Although the water cooling system is more practical, but not too rugged. So it needs to be maintained from time to time so that it can function at its best. How to maintain a radiator? Follow the steps below:


radiator cap

Open the drain plug (petcock) under the radiator (use hands or pliers) and the radiator cap (radiator cap). Then let the water in the radiator be drained.

insert the hose in the radiator

Open the water tap (moderately strong) and insert the hose in the radiator, wait a while until the water starts to come out of the radiator, then start the engine.

Let the engine idle and make sure the water flowing out of the radiator is not rusted or cloudy. Must be clear.


Turn off the engine, reattach the drain plug under the radiator and fill the radiator with water without coolant (coolant) until full.

radiator is clogged

Start the engine without closing the radiator cap. After a while, when the engine warms up, the water in the radiator should not boil. If it boils, that means there is a malfunctioning component in the cooling system. Maybe the radiator is clogged or the thermostat isn’t working.

Radiator maintenance

Radiator maintenance should be done every six months or more often to prevent the component from being blocked or the water flow system in the engine being blocked due to water rust or iron rust. If it does, the engine temperature is no longer normal and may rise slightly and most likely result in overheating symptoms.

If the radiator is clogged, there are shops that offer radiator cleaning services without having to remove the radiator using a special machine.

If the radiator is leaking, take immediate action by changing the radiator because if left untreated, overheating problems can occur which cause repair costs to reach four figures!

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