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Livestock Farm SRZ. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Firstly, The cattle farms that are known among visitors are in New Zealand. Other than that, is Kundasang,Sabah.
Did you know that there are also Kundasang and New Zealand-style cattle farms on the peninsula?
Yes, only at SRZ Ladang Ternak. In other words, nicknamed ‘mini Kundasang’ due to the atmosphere and the dairy cows are almost the same.
This interesting place in Pasir Puteh Kelantan is located near Jeram Mengaji Agro Resort.

Hamlet House . kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Secondly, are you looking for traditional village accommodation? Let’s stay at a viral place in Kelantan which is a traditional Malay house Rumah Dusun.
The architecture of this house is quite unique by highlighting elements from the states of Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan.
This house is also near fruit orchards such as rambutan and durian. It just feels like you’re in the village, right?
For those of you who want to hold public event. For example, you can do camping and gatherings together.

Madrasah Ihya Ulumuddin. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Thirdly and most importantly, For you Muslim visitors, reang-alang has stopped at Rumah Dusun and Jeram Mengaji Resort, also stopped at Madrasah Ihya Ulumuddin.
The interesting thing about this madrasah is that the building does not look like a madrasah and it has the concept of ‘cottage in the garden’.
The architectural arrangement of this Islamic study center is very beautiful with classic huts of the past, chalet huts and modern huts.
In addition, there is a mosque complementing the area of ​​this madrasah.

D’baroh shop. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

most importantly, In the Kelantan dialect ‘Baroh’ means bendang or paddy field.

The owner give this name because nearer with paddy field.
So what’s the best at Warung D’Baroh? Of course, the famous dish in Kelantan is mee celup with hot dishes and telur gedik toast.

Its uniqueness because have antiques design and colorful umbrella decorations.

Tok Bali Fishing Boat Replica

kereta sewa kelantan

After that, The average person knows that Tok Bali is famous in Kelantan as a fish landing destination. But do you know the history of this viral place in Kelantan until the appearance of this replica? The history of this name from a sailor from Bali, Indonesia. He stranded on a beach due to his ship breaking. In conclusion, the name is Tok Bali.

Tok Janggut Monument

kereta sewa kelantan

Moreover, Who doesn’t know Tok Janggut, the greatest warrior who resisted the British colonists in Kelantan, right? Tugu Tok Guru built at Pasir Puteh in 2005. The real name of Tok Janggut is Haji Muhammad Hassan Munas

That is, ‘semutar’ as the clothes of ancient warriors, ‘keris’ and ‘spear’ as weapons and defense of the Malays.

Jeram Mengaji Agro Resort

kereta sewa kelantan

Jeram Mak Nenek or known as Jeram Mengaji Agro Resort is located only 22 km from the town of Pasir Puteh.
There are various facilities available to launch more interesting activities here.

These are camping sites, wedding and catering packages, seminar halls, accommodation and much more.
For those of you who want to organize a family day, you can also do it here!

Wind Whisper Beach

kereta sewa kelantan

Looking for a place to hang out or have fun with your loved ones?

Bisikan Bayu Beach is the right choice as an attractive vacation spot in Kelantan.
You can do ATV riding and kite flying here.
In addition, facilities such as playgrounds, stalls, rest huts and beach hammocks are also available here.

Rubber Tree Farmers Market

kereta sewa kelantan

It’s fun to shop at the mall, let’s shop at rare places too, right? Although the Rubber Tree Farmers’ Market is only open for one day, it is still packed with visitors.

Among the items sold here are wet, dry and interesting handicrafts.

Historical waqf in Pasir Puteh

kereta sewa kelantan

Waqf Farrer or ‘Rest Pavilion’ was taken in conjunction with the name of the British officer in Kelantan, Tuan Farrer. It was built in stages in 1917-1919 as a resting place for local residents.

The wakaf design that has stood intact for 80 years is a combination of English and Malay. Where the roof is in the shape of an ‘A’ and the name of the waqf is engraved in Rumi and Jawi script.

Goat Cave Hill

kereta sewa kelantan

Located between 3 districts, namely Pasir Puteh, Machang and Kota Bharu, it should be a ‘hiking’ option to get here.
You can choose the climbing route to Bukit Gua Kambing through Bukit Luruh Quarry or Taman Guru.
Also known as Bukit Merbau, this is 426 m high and is preserved in the Chabang Tongkat Permanent Forest Reserve.
Interestingly here, before arriving at the top you can find a rock area that is the focus of climbers, which is Gua Kambing.

Awang Bongsu Swimming Pool

kereta sewa kelantan

Looking for an interesting vacation spot in Kelantan for your children? Let’s take them to bathe in the Awang Bongsu Swimming Pool!
Although it is only a mini water theme park, it is able to entertain visitors.
This water theme park has 4 swimming pools of different depths and 4 types of slides.
Not only that, it also provides a comfortable place to stay.

Linang Rapids Cascade

kereta sewa kelantan

Did you know that Lata Jeram houses the earliest waterfall in Kelantan?
This cascade has a 12 m high rocky waterfall that is tiered. In addition, it is also a path to climb to the top of the waterfall.
Other than that, there are many other facilities here such as camping sites and a mini zoo to visit.

Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort

Looking for a luxurious and modern accommodation with an attractive view? Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort is the right choice!
Equipped with a beautiful view of the lake from the room makes this resort an attraction for visitors to stay here.
In addition, it is also close to Bisikan Bayu Beach, Tok Bali Beach and Kota Bharu International Airport.
The types of rooms offered are deluxe king/twin/triple room with lake view and suite with balcony

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