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There are many interesting place in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Everyone can visit all the places there. That country also popular with paddy field and fishing village.

Street Art Kota Bharu. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

On average, states in Malaysia such as Melaka and Penang have paintings that decorate the surface of the road or the walls of buildings. Kota Bharu Street also have it that is suitable for photo activities.

These painting create by the Kota Bharu Municipal Council together and Kelantan Painting Association. Other than that, also by the Jotun paint company since 2016. Most of the painting themes here showcase paintings about batik, culture and the identity of Kelantan.

In addition, there are also have narrative paintings about the Palestinian nation and society. Most importantly, it is free.

Pantai Nusuk. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

The word “nusuk” in the Kelantan dialect means to hide. That’s the latest name of Nusuk Beach or Tanjung Kuala Sabak. Before this, this place close by bushes and coconut tree. That is why the name is ‘nusuk’.

After that, they cleaned this place. It is safe to be the focus of visitors to do picnic activities because of the pleasant sea breeze and the clean beach.

In addition, parking facilities are available and open every day from 1pm to 7pm for a fee of only RM 2.

Muzium Negeri Kelantan. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Every state must have a state museum to tell the origin of the state’s existence. Likewise in the city of Kelantan there is the Kelantan State Museum which is an interesting place in Kota Bharu Kelantan located in the city of Kota Bharu.
This museum, which came into being around 1990, once housed the office of the Kota Bharu Municipal Council.

In addition, the museum showcases a diverse collection of crafts for wayang kulit performances, mak yong dance and local traditional musical instruments such as the yam tambourine.

Other than that, this holiday spot in Kelantan is located close to the clock tower in Tuan Padang Kota Bharu.

Operating hours: Saturday – Thursday (8.30am – 4.45pm)

Taman Air Splash / Taman Indera Petra

kereta sewa kelantan

Taman Indera or Taman Air Splash is the first water theme park in Kota Bharu suitable for children.

Although there are not as many water theme parks in Kelantan as in Kuala Lumpur, Splash Water Park in the city of Kota Bharu is able to entertain your children.
In addition, the area of the theme park that is quite ‘stabbing’ does not prevent visitors from bathing here, especially on weekends.

Futhermore, this theme park has 3 types of large-sized swimming pools suitable for all ages.et.

Operation hours:

Monday – Thursday & Sunday (10am – 6pm)
Friday (10am – 12.30pm) & (2.30pm – 7pm)
Saturday (10am – 7pm)

Pengkalan Datu City Floating Market. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Let’s experience an interesting vacation spot in Kelantan similar to a floating market like in Thailand, the Kota Pengkalan Datu Floating Market while experiencing the village atmosphere. This market is located just 11 kilometers from Kota Bharu city.

In addition, in this market, traders offer merchandise on sampans or boats floating in the Pengkalan Datu River. In addition, buyers who want to view the sale items can be on the floating platform provided. Other that that, you can but traditional merchandise and food here with reasonable price.

Operating hours: Sunday (8am – 1pm)

Crafts Museum

kereta sewa kelantan

The city of Kota Bharu indeed has a variety of museums with different roles that should make it a holiday destination in Kelantan.

As you already know, the city of Kelantan is rich in arts and culture.
Among the interesting exhibits displayed are demonstrations of songket fabric production, kite making, batik embroidery, traditional carvings and many more.

Furthermore, here also sells Kelantan handicraft items that you can take home as a gift.

Ticket price:

Adults: RM 2
Children: RM 1
See Map | Operating hours: Saturday – Thursday (9am – 5pm)

Art Court. kereta sewa kelantan

kereta sewa kelantan

Experience the attractions of Kota Bharu Kelantan with the whole family at Gelanggang Seni after visiting the Crafts Museum. Gelanggang Seni is the cultural center of the state of Kelantan that organizes various cultural performances.

Among them are performances of silat, wayang kulit, gasing, wau and many more for free. Interesting isn’t it!

This is because this kind of show is only available in the state of Kelantan. Therefore, make this destination a holiday destination in beautiful Kelantan with your family.

Che Yeh Endowment Market.

kereta sewa kelantan

Want to take a walk at night in Kelantan? Let’s wash our eyes at Wakaf Che Yeh Market which is the biggest night market in Kota Bharu city.

Accordingly, the items for sale are home goods, accessories, clothes, pottery, food and so much more that it can make you go wild.

Also, if you stop by the food section, don’t forget to try mango glutinous rice, somtam and various kerabu. Confirm delicious!

Operating hours: Every day (6pm -12am)

Bazar Tok Guru

kereta sewa kelantan

Tok Guru Bazaar is a famous shopping complex in the city of Kota Bharu that houses more than 600 shops in it.

Especially for women who are ‘foot shopping’, they should not miss this golden opportunity to shop here because the prices are very reasonable.

The important thing is to be good at haggling to get the windfall price you want! In addition, among the sales items that women are ‘crazy’ for are tudung bawal, blouses, telekung, batik, ela cloth and many more.

Operating hours: Every day (9.30am – 6pm)

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

kereta sewa kelantan

Looking for a relaxing place while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kota Bharu city with your partner? Let’s go to a beautiful place in Kelantan which is Cahaya Bulan Beach (PCB) or formerly known as Cinta Berahi Beach.

In the general view, the meaning of ‘berah’ is ‘passion’ while according to the people of the east coast, ‘berah’ means ‘very fond’. Enjoy the beautiful view of the cleanliness of the white sand beach with the clarity of the sea water facing the South China Sea and have a picnic with your partner.

In addition, there are various food stalls available and also try the flour-dipped seafood. Definitely appetizing! Other than that, there are several resorts available near this beach for those of you looking for accommodation nearby.

Muzium Islam

kereta sewa kelantan

Kelantan also known as Serambi Mecca. So, there is Islamic Museum. They build using Chengal Tree and used as the official residence of the Menteri Besar in 1902. Now it is a museum that have various collection of Islamic characteristics including Islamic religious figures who contributed to the Islamic religion in Kelantan.

Other than that, there is also have the history how Islam arrive at Kelantan.

Operating hours: Saturday – Thursday (8.30am – 4.45pm)

Muzium Perang (Bank Kerapu)

kereta sewa kelantan

The War Museum is an interesting place in Kota Bharu Kelantan that is suitable as a study tour for students about the era of Japanese occupation in Malaya. Furthermore, outside the museum are also displayed vehicles that were used during the war.

Operating hours: Saturday – Thursday (8.45am – 4.30pm)

Masjid Muhammadi

kereta sewa kelantan

This magnificent Muhammadi mosque is a beautiful place in Kelantan that is worth visiting. It was built during the reign of Sultan Muhammad II in 1867 using a wooden structure and modified to stone around 1922.

In addition, the Muhammadi Mosque is also known as a stone mosque, a state mosque and a large mosque that was once used by Kelantan’s famous scholars to teach students.

In the meantime, the design of the mosque was influenced by the British colonialists, namely the use of marble in the prayer room, walls decorated with carvings of Al-Quran words and golden domes. Interestingly, this mosque also has a clock tower.

Hours of operation: Every day (5am – 10pm)

Restoran Nasi Ulam Cikgu

kereta sewa kelantan

A fan of side dishes and village food? Let’s stop by for a meal at Cikgu’s Nasi Ulam Restaurant! If you are looking for a place to eat after a long day exploring the Handicrafts Museum, then this is the ideal location for you.

In addition, of course, the mandatory menu at this restaurant is ulaman-ulaman and the food of the Kelantan community, which is budu. Other than that, other menus that are also the focus of visitors that you should try are chicken percik, catfish, fried chicken and sambal.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to top the menu with bandung water with basil seeds. It must be unspeakably delicious!

Operating hours: Saturday – Thursday (10.30am – 5pm)

Istana Balai Besar

kereta sewa kelantan

Istana Balai Besar is an interesting vacation spot in Kelantan that can be visited. Previously, this palace was the residence of His Majesty Sultan Muhammad II to Sultan Muhammad IV.

This happened, following the transfer of the administrative center from Kota Saba to Kota Bharu. Now, this palace is used as a place for official government ceremonies.

Although visitors are not allowed to enter this palace, you can see the architectural beauty of the most magnificent palace gate in the city of Kelantan.

Operating hours: Monday – Friday (7.30am – 4.30pm)

D’Raja Mooring Clock Tower

kereta sewa kelantan

Experience an interesting vacation spot in Kelantan by visiting the landmark of Kelantan, the D’Raja Clock Tower. The 150-foot tall tower is located just next to the royal pier.

In addition, visitors can climb the tower up to the top to enjoy the view of the city of Kota Bharu including the Kelantan River. Furthermore, this tower is close to restaurants and Padang Merdeka which is a famous recreational park in Kota Bharu.

Hours of operation: 24 hours

Kopitiam Kita

kereta sewa kelantan

A vacation in Kota Bharu is not complete without stopping at our Kopitiam shop. The best breakfast place in Kelantan serves a variety of Kelantan dishes that are quite appetizing.

Among them are kerabu rice, tumpang rice, cold water rice, Kota Bharu soup rice and many more. However, the most special menu that made this shop go viral is Roti Titab.

In the meantime, this bread is a type of toast with a half-cooked egg in the middle and special homemade riches are placed in each corner of the bread. Once you taste it, you definitely want it again!

Hours of operation: Every day (6am – 2pm)

Kak Wok Rice Shop

kereta sewa kelantan

If you are planning or stopping by in the city of Kota Bharu, don’t forget to eat the original kak wok rice in this city of Kelantan. Kedai Nasi Kak Wok which was founded by Mek Wok binti Hassan is still operating and led by her grandchildren.

Nasi kak wok was introduced to the community of Kelantan in 1984 and has spread to communities outside of Kelantan until now. In addition, kak wok rice is white rice with a side dish of turmeric fried chicken cut into dice.

Finally, the side dish rice was added with thick goulash and sambal belacan.

Operating hours: Every day (8am – 3.30pm)

Siti Khadijah market

kereta sewa kelantan

Pasar Siti Khadijah is a must-stop destination for outside visitors from the city of Kelantan. It is a famous market in Kelantan which consists of 4 floors and can accommodate hundreds of traders here.

In addition, in accordance with its name, which is Siti Khadijah, the traders here are led by women. In addition, there are various types of goods that visitors can find from this market.

Among them are fresh wet goods, dry goods such as traditional Kelantan food, clothes, hijabs and many more that can make you go wild.

Operating hours: Every day (7.30am – 5.30pm)

Kubang Kerian Floating Bridge

kereta sewa kelantan

Looking for free attractions in Kubang Kerian? Let’s explore the Kubang Kerian Floating Bridge located in Kampung Pulau Tengah. In the beginning, this village was little known in the public eye until this floating bridge was completed around 2020.

In addition, this 1 kilometer long bridge is made of high quality wood and supported by nibong which makes it appear as if it is floating on water.

Furthermore, it connects from the back area of Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia to Min House Camp.

Furthermore, there are interesting activities that can be done here such as kayaking, catching nipah crabs, visiting a honey bee farm, visiting Taman Kelip-Kelip and many more.

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